Loans for People with Bad Credit

Loans are something you may need in the times of adversities. A sudden financial crunch is pretty common and can come in anyone's life without any notice. An unexpected expense that you weren't ready for can put a lot of financial pressure on you. Generally, problems do not come one at a time and this is when you must be ready. As you do not get any prior notice from the problems, you must keep a plan B ready anytime. A quick 3-month payday loan can act as your plan B in any case and any adversity, should you happen to face any unplanned expense.

Loans from Banks as Compared to Loans from Private Lenders

loans for people with bad credit

There are times when you need money urgently, without any delay. At such a time, if you do not get any help from elsewhere, you make up your mind to apply for a loan. Well, everybody knows that getting a loan from bank is quite time-consuming and asks for a lot of formalities. Even if things go right and you happen to complete all the formalities, there is no assurance that the bank would offer you the loan you applied for.

This is where we come in the scene. We are one of the top lenders in UK helping people get personal loans at competitive interest rates and friendly terms & conditions.

Problems with Adverse Credit Scores

As said before, problems generally come without any prior notice. We come across many people in UK who have taken loans from banks but haven't been able to repay in time, eventually hampering their credit scores. This is one of the major setbacks that you'll face when borrowing a loan from a bank. In case you aren't able to pay back in time, be it even one installment, you are bound to suffer in your credit scores. Adverse credit scores not only prevent you from borrowing a loan from any bank in future, but can also prove to be problematic in many other fields.

Bad Credit Score is Not a Problem with Us

Getting your loan application sanctioned from a private lender is not a cakewalk either. There are hundreds of lenders across UK that do not sanction loan to people with bad credit. One must qualify a list of criteria before getting the loan approved, and credit score is one of the criteria taken into consideration seriously. Seeing it from a lender's perspective, no one would want to give loan to anyone who has had problems with repaying in the past. It simply involves a higher risk.

With us, you need not worry at all. As mentioned above, bad credit score is not a problem with us. We are one of the top lenders across UK offering loans to people with bad credit score. You just have to qualify the basic criteria to get your loan approved, and your credit score is not a factor taken into consideration by us. Apart from the basic criteria qualified, we do not ask for anything else from our potential borrowers.

Quite understandably, people with bad credit scores may need to pay a little higher interest rate as compared to people with good credit scores. As lenders take a higher risk by lending loans to people with bad credit, a higher interest rate tends to balance their risk.

Apply Online, Get Loan Instantly

If you are applying for a loan for first time from us and have a bad credit rating, it won't be a problem at all. Just qualify the basic criteria and you'll be up for an instant loan, right into your bank account, without any problem or delay.

In case of people with bad credit, the first-timers are entitled for a 3-month payday loan of up to 300 only. People who have repaid the loans without any delay or problems can have a loan of higher amount from us, say 1000.

So, what are you waiting for? When bad credit ratings/scores aren't a problem at all with us, just go ahead and get loan from us.

  • Representative APR 1261%*
  • Representative Example: Amount of credit 200 borrowed for 28 days. Interest: 40.20 Interest rate: 262% per annum (fixed). Representative APR: 1261% Total amount payable: 240.20.
  • Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to

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